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An Eternal Love: The Art Student and the Non Catholic Cemetery in Rome

Opening reception: Tuesday, June 16, 2015 from 5:30-8:30pm at The Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome. Works by American Semester Abroad art students from Cornell in Rome, St. John’s University in Rome, The American University of Rome, Temple University Rome:

Jademan Baker, Rhiannon Bell, Rachel Brooke, Kathryn Burns, Marina Caprara, Bernadette DuBois, Jodi Faber, Antonia Forte, Laura-India Garinois, Katie Hennessy, Emily Hracho, Rina Kang, Laura Kimmel, Rachel Kosbab, Taylor Lynch, Caroline MacNeille, Lucia Marquez, Audra Mercurio, Min Keun Park, Natalie Pickelsimer, Evan Rawn, Zoe Tessler, Erica Thostesen, Amy Tomasso, Arabella Tuthill, Sarah Whitehead, Zheng Xiang, Karen Yeash, Willem Zaeyen
The Non-Catholic Cemetery for Foreigners in Rome, historically referred to as the Protestant Cemetery or the English Cemetery has, since the early eighteenth century been a site of burial for the numerous foreigners who died in the city and is still an active burial ground today. Many of those who rest here are English and American artists and poets, the most famous of these are John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley. This exhibition is a testimonial to the ongoing contribution of young American art students in the Eternal City whose drawings, paintings and photographs continue to be inspired by the gardens, tombs and touching stories of the people interred at the cemetery.
Curated by Anita Guerra in collaboration with Amanda Thursfield.