• Volver a Cuba
In December 2015, Cuban artist and long time Roman resident Anita Guerra, returns to Havana for the first time in more than 50 years. She has an ambitious project: to write an illustrated family memoir describing the tumultuous years of the Castro Revolution and how it affects her family. Once there, her research takes multiple directions. She discovers the amazing, almost undocumented legacy of her architect father, Juan Ignacio Guerra, a leading figure of the Cuban Modernist Movement of the 1950’s. Tracing back her family’s presence on the island to the XVIc, she travels to her mother’s hometown of Camagüey and goes in search of her father’s creations all over Havana, joined by three of her seven siblings. Drawings, paintings and photographs done on site abound. Embroidered recollections stitched on mosquito netting overlap oil landscapes of Varadero Beach. This exhibit shares her treasure trove of findings in a unique installation.
> Vatican Radio interview with Anita Guerra about the exhibition

"An Artist Returns to her Cuban Roots" - a video by Peter and Cheryl Lowrey